Making movies is easy. Anyone can do it. Even you.

Festival699 is an annual film gala featuring the cinematic achievements of aspiring low-pro (non-industry) filmmakers. Some were shot and edited in under an hour. Others were years in the making. Some are funny, some are sad, some are weird. And we mean really weird.

Judges sit in the front row (on the good couch) and take detailed notes. By the end of the evening, a lucky few will take home the most coveted of all film awards, the Dolphin.

All films are welcome as long as they meet Festival699's submission criteria.

You bring it, we’ll screen it.


little bike

Screened at festival699 2013, Little Bike is, as the title suggests, the story of a man and his little bike. It won people's choice. By a landslide. Music by This Will Destroy You. And it will.


Darling of Festival699 2018, Rooibos reminds us that sometimes we need to get lost to be found, and that tea between friends is always a good idea.

I'll be seeing you

Screened at Festival699 2016, I'll be seeing you was Wayne Perry's first ever submission to the Festival. He took home a Dolphin for Best Picture. It's was quite an upset.